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Make your brand STAND OUT on TikTok

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

TikTok is best known as the home for short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. Taking inspiration from previous apps such as ‘Vine’ and ‘’, content creation for your brand is going to look a lot different on TikTok when compared to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The best performing TikToks are easy to replicate, put a new twist on an existing trend, or are just a bit of fun. The target market for the app was originally the tween/teen market, but it’s no surprise this includes everyone from 13 – 24. With COVID-19 forcing the world into lockdown, many slow uptakers of the older demographic are now getting involved with the platform too. While this demographic may not be your current target audience, they are your future audience and trendsetters to tap into.

Search trending songs, sounds, and hashtags

In TikTok, songs and sounds are like hashtags, finding trending sounds and songs and utilising them in a new and creative way can lead to being discovered and becoming a global trend. Trending songs aren’t just what’s latest and popular from the top artists in the world. It could also be parts of songs that have been around for many years but is currently trending due to a recent duet or challenge that is going viral on TikTok for users to recreate. By using a trending song in your video, you will appear in more #ForYou feeds based on content other users are consuming, or you can get discovered in Sounds. When a user scrolls and taps on a trending sound, every video also using that sound will appear in their feed.

Collaborate with relevant influencers

TikTok has redefined the process of partnering with the most popular creators through their Creator Marketplace. Through the market place, you can search for content creators whose audience, location, and creative style best suits that of your brand. Allowing you to choose creators who best align with your brand to have the most positive outcome possible. Audience demographics, campaign views, and engagement rates are some of the reporting metrics the platform provides to track the efficacy of content you have collaborated on.

Create ads that feel authentic

TikTok follows the mantra, “Don’t make ads, make TikToks.” Encouraging brands to engage with their customers in a creative and organic manner, rather than just trying to push product. With 800 million active users and an advertising platform that is new and still developing, brands have the potential to reach a broad audience with less competition and create advertising that feels more real.

Here are a number of ways to maximise the advertising opportunities across the platform:

  • Brand Takeover

This full-screen video ad auto-plays as soon as a user opens TikTok, offering options of a three-second branded image or up to 5 seconds of video before they even get to their #ForYou feed. Ensuring that a user sees your content before anything else every time they open the app. This is the ultimate ad for mass brand awareness and reach, especially because only one advertiser can take over a category each day. You can drive people to a landing page or to learn more about your hashtag challenge.

  • TopView

In a similar way, you can also take over a user’s screen with TopView, but it doesn’t bombard the user as soon as they open the screen. Videos in their #ForYou feed autoplay when they open the app and then three seconds in your ad, of up to 60 seconds with sound will pop up. It’s important here to create an ad that can transition from what a user may already be watching so that they aren’t put off by the ad feeling out of place. Again, you can drive a user to a landing page to learn more about your hashtag to recreate and continue a trend.

  • In-Feed

This is the ad type you’re probably already familiar with, as it's very similar to Instagram Stories, the ad shows up while a user is tapping through and watching videos. The difference is that people can like, comment, share, or even shoot a video with the same music, which redefines how a user can interact with an ad and your brand. Keep in mind they can also tap away from the ad so exciting and engaging with them in the first few seconds is key. Partnering with influential content creators is one way to grab interest so they view the whole ad. In-feed maintains a call to action button, which doesn’t have to be ‘shop now’, it can be used to direct users to a landing page, encourage them to ‘sign up’, or download an app.

  • Branded Effects

Shareable stickers, filters, and special effects are another chance for you to get creative and engage users in a fresh way. Branded effects can spread awareness globally in a way that crosses language divides. Create 2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality face filters and animated effects that people can use in their own video creations and spread the word about your brand, product, or hashtag challenge while they’re at it.

  • Hashtag challenge

Invite users to create content around a campaign theme with a popular song or original sound and a hashtag. Anyone can put out a challenge on TikTok, but a branded hashtag challenge has its own official landing page on the app. Branded challenges can also be promoted with a banner at the top of the Discovery page for 3- 6 days. and you can promote the challenge further with a banner for 3–6 days at the top of the Discovery page. An added bonus of Hashtag Challenge Plus allows users to shop for products without leaving the app, creating a seamless shopping experience. The Hashtag Challenge is a big opportunity to engage with fans and attract new followers who will generate original content for you further expanding your reach the more trending it becomes.

There are so many creative ways to get noticed on TikTok and trends on the platform change every day. As popularity reaches new levels, other social media platforms, such as Instagram Reels are adopting similar models in order to be able to capitalise on the most popular way to create and share content to their audiences. As people look to ways to entertain themselves with new trends there is simply no end to the possibilities.


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